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Thank you for visiting the New Life Historical Library . This section is made possible by increasing requests to make our historical archives and music available online.  

New Life Fellowship is a non-denominational, Bible believing church with a rich history of meticulous Bible teaching, Spirit filled music and worship.  

As a Christian community in Cross Plains, Tennessee, our renewed vision is to freely share what God has blessed us with past and present and be spiritually receptive to revelation God has given others.

On this site you will experience historical recordings by ministers we didn’t always agree with theologically yet for a common vision of restoration endeavored to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bonds of peace until one faith is ultimately realized in Christ Jesus. -Ephesians 4:3 and 13

It is the aim of New Life Fellowship for you to enjoy the rich history but pray your hearts are reaching to understand God’s will for today.

Our sincere thanks for the labor of love and sacrifice made by each generation of the Lord’s people making it easier for those who follow behind. Let us be found doing the same.

"Restoration is not something handed down by tradition. It must be discovered anew by every generation of Christian. If for one generation the perpetual restoration would stop, the church would become just another denomination bound by the traditions of the culture. The church is never more than one generation away from apostasy. The flame of truth that one generation passes on to their children must be consistently fed by the oil of the word of God or it will be snuffed out." -C.J. Mears                                                   

Historical Video


Historic Video

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