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In the mid 1960's, a Nebraskan farmer and Nazarene minister with a burning revelation of Holy Spirit baptism, began a diligent search for God in a profound way.

His search led him to California looking for work hundreds of miles from home coming in contact with Lawson Hughes a businessman in CGT church gifted in witnessing his revelation of Jesus. After many lunchtime Bible discussions and an overall reluctance, Will decided to visit Lawson’s home church in San Gabriel, CA. 

The Lord further speaking to his heart, Will decides to join some folks attending a fellowship meeting in Phoenix, AZ. On the return road trip, Will joined pastor C.J. Mears and they enjoyed discussing the scriptures while traveling through the desert. 

This was another defining moment in his life by which he made a conscious decision to make NLF his family's home church. 

As you will hear; Will is an anointed minister of the gospel, a creative and deep thinker that never fails to convey new dimension to the old gospel story. 

He continues to be an active and devoted husband, father and grandfather.

Will Harrison