God does not need our money. However in order to provide a place of worship and a place to share with others on a consistent basis we as a people need to share our resources to maintain and provide these things. Tithing was established in the Bible to accomplish this and we believe that God blesses those who participate in this form of worship also. May God bless every dollar that is placed in the offerings and that it brings help and relief to those in need.


    For your convenience we have two methods of giving online or with an app on any device. We use and Paypal. Just click the logo on the left if you want to use the method or the Paypal logo below if you want to use the Paypal method. Thank you for your donation.

  • Giving using Paypal

    This is the other method of giving to the work of New Life as we try and help others meet their needs in hard times and provide a place to worship for those seeking one. Thank you for your donation.